བཤད་གྲྭའི་སྐུ་ཚབ། མཁན་སྤྲུལ་པདྨ་རྡོ་རྗེ།
Khentruel Pema Dorji, the reincarnation of Truelku Karma Samten, popularly known as Baza Guru Rinpoche in Tibet, was born in Sheri Muhung Village in Mongar in 1974.
He began his early education at Yadi Primary School in Mongar and later continued his higher studies at Semtokha Rigney School in Thimphu. In 1991, he went to Gangteng Sa-ngag Chhoeling Zhirim Shedra to study Buddhism and in 1993 he went on to study Buddhist philosophy at Drepung Shedra in India for a period of three years.
In 1996, Khentruel Pema Dorji returned to Gangteng and served as a teacher at the Thorim Shedra. In 2002, he became the Principal at the Zhirim Shedra while continuing to serve as the teacher at Gangteng Dho-Ngag Thoesum Rabgayling Thorim Shedra. Furthermore, he also served as the Assistant Principal at the Pema Thegchhog Chhoeling (Nunnery) Shedra in Bumthang.
He completed the three-year Retreat Program in 2008. Since 2009, he has been shouldering the dual responsibilities as the Principal of Chasikhar Shedra and Drupoen (Master) of Aja Drubdhey (Retreat Center) in Mongar.
In 2012, he was enthroned as the Khenpo during the Lama Norbu Gyatsho Drubchen amidst a huge gathering of sangha in Gangteng Monastery.
Khentruel Pema Dorji received teachings, empowerments and initiations from numerous masters such as the 68th Je Khenpo HH Tenzin Dhondup, Sungtruel Rinpoche, Thuksey Rinpoche, Kyabji Drupwang Penor Rinpoche, Kyabji Jadrel Rinpoche, Kyabji Dhodrup Rinpoche, Peyul Goenpa Lachen Truelku Thubzang, Dungsey Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche, the 69th Je Khenpo HH Geduen Rinchen, the 67th Je Khenpo HH Nyezer Truelku, and the present Je Khenpo HH Truelku Jigme Choda.