There are a total of five Drubdey with the main centre being Gangteng Kunzang Choeling Drubdey, established in 1990. The other meditation centres are:
   1.  Kunzang Choeling Drubdhey, Gangteng Gewog, Wangdiphodrang
   2.  Kuenzang Drak, Tang Gewog, Bumthang
   3.  Aja Pema Yangzom, Shermung Gewog, Mongar
   4.  Tsakaling Drubdey, Tsakaling Gewog, Mongar

As a monk’s education does not end by his gaining proficiency in Buddhist theoretical studies alone, one must undergo a minimum of three years’ meditational practice at one of the meditation centres. This is referred to as Losum Choegsum, meaning three years and three faces of a month (that is, one-and-a-half months).
The main meditational courses prescribed are:
    1. Lama Norbu Gyatso Ngondro – 1 month
    2. Kunzang Gondu Ngondro – 1 month
    3. Thukdrub Norbu Gyatshoi Tsa-sum Nyendrub – 6 months
    4. Guru Dragpoi Nyendrub – 6 months
    5. Phurpa Yangsang Nyendrub – 6 months
    6. Munsel Dronmeyi Nyendrub – 3 months
    7. Dzogrim TsalungThrulkhor Nyamlen – 3 months
    8. Dzogchen Kunzang Gongdu Nyamlen – 6 months and 1 day
    9. Tsethrid Dorje Threngwai Drubpa – 1 month