Chasikhar Dringrim (junior) Shedra, Chasikhar Gewog, Mongar

Located at the central region of Eastern Bhutan, Ugyen Dongag Shedrup Chhoekhorling Shedra at Chaksakhar was built by the joint cooperation and support of the people of the gewog, civil and corporate servants, and the business community of the gewog. The Shedra was built in a place on which was already located the Kadam Chorten and a small Lhakhang. The Shedra was cum Lhakhang was built in the form of a three-storied Zangdopelri, surrounded by a two-storied structure which contains twenty-eight (28) rooms. Thus, it was on the auspicious date of September 2, 2000, that the people of Chaksakhar and the Gomdey, with the purest of motivation offered the monastery to His Eminence Kyabje Gangteng Trulku Kunzang Rigzin Pema Namgyel, while at the same time, the people offered their unflinching devotion and the monks of the Gomdey accepted Rinpoche as their Root Guru. Thereafter, Rinpoche had initiated to install the entire body, speech and mind relics requiredfor the monastery, and also provided it with one Khenpo, two teachers (Lopens), one caretaker, and one treasurer, including an admission for 50 monks for practicing the Dharma. Thus, Rinpoche started providing food, cloth and Dharma teachings to these 55 monks and Khenpo on an annual basis. Moreover, there is an annual Drupchen ceremony being performed for the peace and well being of the world and the country, while organizing blessings ceremony, teachings and instructions to the devoted lay disciples as well from time to time. In the year 2005, Their Majesties the Fourth & the Fifth Druk Gyalpos, with the wish to preserve and spread the Buddha Dharma in its authentic form, provided additional financial support to the Shedra, as a result of which the monastic education starting from reading and writing till the ritualistic practices are carried out with great zeal and enthusiasm. Moreover, for those disciples who have aspirations for higher philosophical learning and practice, they continue their studies and meditation practice at the Aja Drupdey. Also, for learning higher Buddhist Philosophy, the capable monks are sent to Gangteng Higher Buddhist Shedra/College to complete their studies. In this manner, through this opportunity of learning and practicing the Buddhist Philosophy, one is able to live a life that is meaningful both for this and the future lives.